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The design of the Yachtsman range of launches is the product of a collaboration between Yacht Studio and Stimson Yachts Ltd.

Yacht Studio defined the styling and concept, while Stimson Yachts are responsible for the naval architecture. All Yachtsman Launches are custom for each client, refining the exterior styling to their eye, and tailoring the interior to the intended cruising that the yacht will be used for.

Intended for weekending and coastal cruising, the hull form features low deadrise aft for easy planing and flat running trim, warping into fine waterlines forward for greater seakindliness in head seas. The lightweight composite structure and slender hull form make for an easily driven, fuel efficient yacht.

The first two boats are both Yachtsman 40’s to be built feature different powering options in response to client preferences. One is running twin 200hp outboards for 25kn top speed at half load and 15-18kn cruising speed; the other is running a single 315hp diesel and sterndrive for just over 22kn top speed. Both carry 1,000 litres of fuel for comfortable range and endurance, with two double cabins plus two stacked singles, a galley, heads with full shower and a saloon completing the accommodation.

The launch is designed to be built either moulded or from an Origami Boats-supplied large-format (9x2m) flat panel composite kit. Unlike traditional custom build methods, the origami system eliminates the need for expensive tooling as the CNC-cut, vacuum-infused, foam-cored composite components slot together, with the primary structure ‘self-jigging’. In addition, this large-format kit approach is proven to reduce labour hours for the primary composite structure by over 50% compared with traditional build methods. Since the interior joinery components are similarly routered out of pre-infused veneered or painted panels, a significant customisation of the interior layout is possible.


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Yachtsman 60

Yachtsman 60